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This service is not valid for new Sim card just activated



This is not an automated service.
We refill your Phone number manually within 15min - 1 hour Max,
During our business hours only and after we receive your payment and cleared in our account.
Usually you receive a text message from your Service provider or Dial 611 to Check your balance.
To refill/recharge your phone doesn't mean that you will have your service back, your balance due could be higher than the amount you refilled.
We are not a service provider, if you have any problem with your service, please contact your carrier customer service.


We Accept all major Credit Cards via PAYPAL ONLY.
Verified PayPal account is a must to receive instant recharge.
To use your Bank Account could take up to 3-4 days until it get cleared in our account.
Non verified, Non registered Paypal account will receive Pin number via Usps mail if you didn't contact us to cancel the order.
Non verified steady customer can receive instant recharge after the third month
Don't Forget to enclose your Phone Number to Refill, and leave a note with alternate number to contact you if you have no service on your phone


We are not responsible for any wrong phone number or carrier you provided to us.
We are not responsible for any service delay.
Please contact your Service provider Dial 611 from your phone.
We issue a Refund same day if Money didn't go through your account for any failure recharge.

Paypal Dispute

Its a free country, You're 100% free to open a dispute. We're also free to respond to your dispute within 21 days.
We are not responsible that you didn't read our store policy properly before you place your order.

Please ask yourself these questions before you open a dispute:
Did I contact the office to confirm my phone number and plan?
Did I contact the office to cancel the order before they process my order?
Did I checked the business hours?
Is my Paypal account verified?

If your answer is No, so blame yourself only.
We understand that you don't want to contact us and deal with us anymore, so we ban your account on all our websites worldwide.


Contact us via contact us page only
Do not send email to our paypal email, this email is not monitored and you'll not receive any response.
Contact us via SMS - Remember to provide a full question in a full sentence with transaction info if available for fast response.

Refill During Business hours

Mon to Fri 10AM to 6PM EST
Saturday 10AM to 5PM EST
Holidays CLOSED


*Note: Cannot void a transaction after it has been submitted.

Online Prepaid Bill Pay Store #1

Service offered by Phone Bill Center - Pay your Monthly plan - US Carriers - International Carriers

RTR - Real Time Replenishment

Instant refill/ recharge available for Verified Paypal account only. Non registered, Not verified received pin number by mail.

Instant Recharge

15 min - 1 hour instant recharge during our Business hours, Late order, weekend and holidays will apply next business day.

Money Back Guarantee

Not responsible for wrong number-carrier-plan. Full Refund only for failure recharge or rejected by carrier.

we accept paypal
Instant Refill all US Prepaid Cell Phone carriers....No Pin number....Direct recharge your Cell phone number....No Refund...No Return....Please provide a correct phone number....We recharge your phone only during our business hours....Pay with all major credit cards via Paypal...we will never ask you for your credit card information

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